Elbo Tool - Lathe based hollowing tool

This is a unique device designed to build hollow vessels on a wood lathe. It is fastened to the quill in the tailstock by a clamping system to restrain the tool in all but the horizontal plain. The cutting edge is placed in the optimum location inside the hollow form to minimize catches.

The tools is designed to accommodate most, if not all, tpes of hollowing tools and cutters now on the market. The basic Elbo tool comes complete and ready to use. The are many options for the cutting tool offered according to the characteristics of the wood, hardness, dryness, etc.

The Elbo tool makes hollowing a fun thing for less than expert turners.

New Woodturning Tool by Elbo ToolMini-lathe Extension New Woodturning Tool by Elbo Tool

Elbo Tools has recently released a new fixture enabling the Elbo Tool Hollowing System to work on your mini-lathe. This inexpensive extension system allows owners of mini-lathes to now perform hollowing on their lathes.

Click out our mini-lathe extension

New Woodturning Tool by Elbo Tool Brochure and Price List New Woodturning Tool by Elbo Tool

We have recently created a new brochure for people wanting to look at all the products that we make. It also includes the prices for each item. It is in .pdf format to make it easy to download and print.

Brochure and Price List (~900KB)